Monarch Developments Est. 1996

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This delightful example designed and built by Monarch shows one of our more regular sun lounges which creates a splendid extended living area for the 3-4 bedroomed house.

On this occasion one side of the extension has a full length wall built along the boundary which is required should your house be closer than 1,000m from the boundary line with your neighbour.

The internal wall of the house has been slapped out to create an open walkway into the sun lounge.   Because the house wall has been opened up there was then a requirement to install triple glazed windows to lower the u value of the building as required by Building Control standards.

On this Sun lounge outward opening French doors were requested which require a large platform step to be constructed rather than regular step required for inward opening doors.

The full height PVCu windows on front gable are very popular, however there are a few ways to design the frontage which can include for a 195mm ring beam fixed at soffit height as some of our photos show.

This project involved

  • Architectural Design/Build
  • Sun Lounges
  • Windows, Doors & Cladding

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